Gaddinashin Mahant Ji

It is said that Baba Balak Nath of Nath Sampradaya i.e. the kanpata yogis (having rings in the ears) visited this holy place hundreds of years ago. He had the Darshana of Goddess Kalika who asked him to stay here and get the temple reconstructed which was completely .

The temple was ruined as the time passedby. It is believed that the Goddess pleased with the prayers and rituals performed by the Gods on the advice of the Brahma, the creator of the Universe, appeared on this Mount, known as Surya Koota Parvata, and blessed them. Since then Goddess has taken her abode on this holy place and has been fulfilling the wishes of the devotees. During the Mahabharata the Lord Krishna along with the Pandavas worshipped the Goddess for victory in the battle.

From that time onwards the yogis of Nath Sampradaya have been serving the Goddess and are enthroned as Mahant. Baba Sandhya Nath, Baba Sahaja Nath, Mahant Prithvi Nath, Mahant Rama Nath are remembered with great respect. They were renowned yogis of their time empowered with special spiritual powers and visions.

At present, Mahant Surendra Nath Avadhoot is the Gaddinashin Mahant i.e. the Cheif Priest of Kalkaji Mandir, who has given new dimensions to the temple funds.

He has devoted himself to the cause of the society specially to them who are neglected, helpless, and apartheid.

The ‘lungar ‘ i.e. the Bhandara prashada (food) is offered to the devotees both the times. A number of other Projects of social cause like Dispensaries, workshops, Seminars and Medical camps and Free Martial Art Training Program for girls and weaker sections of the society have been initiated by him.

Now the temple is not merely the religious place, but also a center of learning and social consciousness devoted to the uplifting of the downtrodden.